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Class Cumulus4jIncrementGenerator

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public class Cumulus4jIncrementGenerator
extends AbstractDatastoreGenerator

ValueGenerator implementation generating values by incrementing a counter.

Marco หงุ่ยตระกูล-Schulze - marco at nightlabs dot de

Field Summary
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allocationSize, block, initialValue, LOCALISER, name, properties, repositoryExists
Constructor Summary
Cumulus4jIncrementGenerator(String name, Properties props)
          Create an instance.
Method Summary
protected  ValueGenerationBlock reserveBlock(long size)
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Constructor Detail


public Cumulus4jIncrementGenerator(String name,
                                   Properties props)
Create an instance. This is called by DataNucleus.

name - symbolic name for the generator.
props - Properties controlling the behaviour of the generator.
Method Detail


protected ValueGenerationBlock reserveBlock(long size)
Specified by:
reserveBlock in class AbstractGenerator

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