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Class LiteralEvaluator

  extended by<Literal>
      extended by

public class LiteralEvaluator
extends AbstractExpressionEvaluator<Literal>

Evaluator representing literals.

Marco หงุ่ยตระกูล-Schulze - marco at nightlabs dot de

Constructor Summary
LiteralEvaluator(QueryEvaluator queryEvaluator, AbstractExpressionEvaluator<?> parent, Literal expression)
Method Summary
protected  Set<Long> _queryResultDataEntryIDs(ResultDescriptor resultDescriptor)
          Execute a query for the given resultDescriptor.
 Object getLiteralValue()
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Constructor Detail


public LiteralEvaluator(QueryEvaluator queryEvaluator,
                        AbstractExpressionEvaluator<?> parent,
                        Literal expression)
Method Detail


protected Set<Long> _queryResultDataEntryIDs(ResultDescriptor resultDescriptor)
Description copied from class: AbstractExpressionEvaluator
Execute a query for the given resultDescriptor. This method should contain the concrete logic for AbstractExpressionEvaluator.queryResultDataEntryIDs(ResultDescriptor) and must be implemented by subclasses.

Specified by:
_queryResultDataEntryIDs in class AbstractExpressionEvaluator<Literal>
resultDescriptor - the descriptor specifying what candidates (usually "this" or a variable) the caller is interested in as well as modifiers (e.g. negation) affecting the query.
those dataEntryIDs that match the query criteria for the specified resultSymbol or null, if the symbol is not supported (this should be consistent with the implementation of AbstractExpressionEvaluator._getResultSymbols()).
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public Object getLiteralValue()

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