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Class IndexEntryCurrency

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public class IndexEntryCurrency
extends IndexEntry

Persistent index information for fields of type Currency.

This IndexEntry-subclass is used to index object-references, too. In this case, the values in indexKey are dataEntryIDs.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Currency getIndexKey()
          Get the value which is indexed by this instance.
protected  void setIndexKey(Object indexKey)
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Constructor Detail


public IndexEntryCurrency()
Method Detail


public Currency getIndexKey()
Description copied from class: IndexEntry
Get the value which is indexed by this instance. It serves as 2nd part of the unique key together with the property fieldMeta.

Specified by:
getIndexKey in class IndexEntry
the key.


protected void setIndexKey(Object indexKey)
Specified by:
setIndexKey in class IndexEntry

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