Cumulus4j API
Class KeyManagerChannelService

  extended by

public class KeyManagerChannelService
extends Object

REST service for the communication channel between key-manager and app-server.

Marco หงุ่ยตระกูล-Schulze - marco at nightlabs dot de

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Request nextRequest(String cryptoSessionIDPrefix, Response response)
          Upload a Response and fetch the next Request.
 String testGet()
          Test method to allow an administrator to verify the URL in a browser.
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Constructor Detail


public KeyManagerChannelService()
Method Detail


public String testGet()
Test method to allow an administrator to verify the URL in a browser.

a string beginning with "OK:".


public Request nextRequest(String cryptoSessionIDPrefix,
                           Response response)
Upload a Response and fetch the next Request. If there is no Response, yet, the key-manager must upload a NullResponse. This method forwards the response to MessageBroker.pushResponse(Response) and then polls the next request.

cryptoSessionIDPrefix - the prefix used by the key-manager, i.e. the unique identifier of the key-manager. This is used for efficient routing of requests, i.e. by MessageBroker.pollRequest(String).
response - the last response or an instance of NullResponse (without requestID) if there is no last request to be replied.
the next polled request or null if none popped up before the timeout.

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