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org.cumulus4j.keystore Key store managing keys safely in the local file system. 

Uses of KeyStoreException in org.cumulus4j.keystore

Subclasses of KeyStoreException in org.cumulus4j.keystore
 class AuthenticationException
          Thrown by any method of KeyStore which requires authentication, if authentication fails.
 class CannotDeleteLastUserException
          Thrown by KeyStore.deleteUser(String, char[], String), if an attempt is made to delete the last user.
 class KeyNotFoundException
          Thrown by KeyStore.getKey(String, char[], long), if a non-existent key is requested.
 class KeyStoreNotEmptyException
          Thrown, if an empty KeyStore is expected, but the key-store is not empty.
 class UserAlreadyExistsException
          Thrown by KeyStore.createUser(String, char[], String, char[]), if a user with the same userName already exists.
 class UserNotFoundException
           Thrown by the KeyStore, if a userName references a non-existent user.

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