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Class PutAppServerResponse

  extended by org.cumulus4j.keymanager.front.shared.PutAppServerResponse
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public class PutAppServerResponse
extends Object
implements Serializable

Response sent as confirmation when an AppServer was PUT into the key-server.

The AppServer's ID might be null when the ID should be assigned by the key-server (recommended), this response tells the client the app-server's ID (no matter, if the client already assigned it and thus already knows it or whether the server assigned it).

The server sends this object instead of a simple String to (1) make later extension easier (e.g. include additional meta-data like an expiry) and (2) to keep the API consistent. Furthermore it makes using the Jersey client API easier, as it can always expect an XML (or JSON) result, no matter if it was successful (appServerID returned as text/plain) or an exception occured (an Error is sent in XML (or JSON) form).

Marco หงุ่ยตระกูล-Schulze - marco at nightlabs dot de
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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
PutAppServerResponse(String appServerID)
Method Summary
 String getAppServerID()
 void setAppServerID(String appServerID)
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Constructor Detail


public PutAppServerResponse()


public PutAppServerResponse(String appServerID)
Method Detail


public String getAppServerID()


public void setAppServerID(String appServerID)

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