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org.cumulus4j.crypto API providing a unified way to use various cryptography algorithms. 
org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.asymmetric Internal (non-API) package for asymmetric encryption. 
org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.symmetric Internal (non-API) package for symmetric encryption. 
org.cumulus4j.keymanager.back.shared Shared classes to communicate between key-manager (either embedded in app-client or in key-server) and app-server. Implementation of CryptoManager working with a key-manager as shown in Deployment scenarios

Uses of Cipher in org.cumulus4j.crypto

Classes in org.cumulus4j.crypto that implement Cipher
 class AbstractCipher
          Abstract base class for Cipher implementations.

Methods in org.cumulus4j.crypto that return Cipher
 Cipher CryptoRegistry.createCipher(String transformation)
           Create a Cipher instance according to the given transformation.

Uses of Cipher in org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.asymmetric

Classes in org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.asymmetric that implement Cipher
 class AsymmetricBlockCipherImpl

Uses of Cipher in org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.symmetric

Classes in org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.symmetric that implement Cipher
 class AEADBlockCipherImpl
 class BufferedBlockCipherImpl
 class StreamCipherImpl

Uses of Cipher in org.cumulus4j.keymanager.back.shared

Methods in org.cumulus4j.keymanager.back.shared with parameters of type Cipher
static byte[] KeyEncryptionUtil.decryptKey(Cipher decrypter, byte[] keyEncodedEncrypted)
          Decrypt a previously encrypted secret key and verify its integrity via a MAC.
static byte[] KeyEncryptionUtil.encryptKey(byte[] key, Cipher encrypter)
          Encrypt the given symmetric secret key with the given Cipher.

Uses of Cipher in

Methods in that return Cipher
 Cipher CryptoCacheCipherEntry.getCipher()
          Get the cipher.
 Cipher CryptoCacheKeyDecrypterEntry.getKeyDecryptor()
          Get the cipher.

Constructors in with parameters of type Cipher
CryptoCacheCipherEntry(CryptoCacheKeyEntry keyEntry, String cipherTransformation, Cipher cipher)
          Create a new instance.
CryptoCacheKeyDecrypterEntry(CryptoCacheKeyEncryptionKeyEntry keyEncryptionKey, String keyEncryptionTransformation, Cipher keyDecryptor)
          Create a new instance.

Cumulus4j API

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