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Packages that use KeyStore
org.cumulus4j.keymanager Key manager sending keys to the app-server (when requested and allowed). 
org.cumulus4j.keymanager.cli Command line interface for the KeyStore
org.cumulus4j.keymanager.front.webapp REST API for the communication between client and key-server. 
org.cumulus4j.keystore Key store managing keys safely in the local file system.   

Uses of KeyStore in org.cumulus4j.keymanager

Methods in org.cumulus4j.keymanager that return KeyStore
 KeyStore AppServerManager.getKeyStore()
 KeyStore SessionManager.getKeyStore()

Constructors in org.cumulus4j.keymanager with parameters of type KeyStore
AppServerManager(KeyStore keyStore)
SessionManager(KeyStore keyStore)

Uses of KeyStore in org.cumulus4j.keymanager.cli

Methods in org.cumulus4j.keymanager.cli that return KeyStore
 KeyStore SubCommandWithKeyStore.getKeyStore()

Uses of KeyStore in org.cumulus4j.keymanager.front.webapp

Methods in org.cumulus4j.keymanager.front.webapp that return KeyStore
 KeyStore KeyStoreManager.getKeyStore(String keyStoreID)
          Get the KeyStore identified by the given keyStoreID.

Uses of KeyStore in org.cumulus4j.keystore

Methods in org.cumulus4j.keystore that return KeyStore
 KeyStore DateDependentKeyStrategy.getKeyStore()
          Get the KeyStore that was passed to DateDependentKeyStrategy.DateDependentKeyStrategy(KeyStore).

Constructors in org.cumulus4j.keystore with parameters of type KeyStore
DateDependentKeyStrategy(KeyStore keyStore)
          Create a new instance for the given KeyStore.

Uses of KeyStore in

Methods in that return KeyStore
 KeyStore LocalKeyStoreMessageBroker.getKeyStore()

Methods in with parameters of type KeyStore
 void LocalKeyStoreMessageBroker.setKeyStore(KeyStore keyStore)

Cumulus4j API

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