Cumulus4j API

Cumulus4j API (version 1.1.0)

org.cumulus4j.annotation Annotations to enhance the specification capabilities of Cumulus4j.


org.cumulus4j.crypto API providing a unified way to use various cryptography algorithms.
org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.asymmetric Internal (non-API) package for asymmetric encryption.
org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.asymmetric.keypairgenerator Internal (non-API) package for key-pair-generation used by asymmetric encryption.
org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.mac Internal (non-API) package for message authentication codes.
org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.symmetric Internal (non-API) package for symmetric encryption.
org.cumulus4j.crypto.internal.symmetric.mode Internal (non-API) package for block cipher modes of operation.


org.cumulus4j.keymanager Key manager sending keys to the app-server (when requested and allowed). Handlers for the communication channel between key manager and application server.


org.cumulus4j.keymanager.api API for accessing the key manager.
org.cumulus4j.keymanager.api.internal Internal (non-API) package containing generic implementation code.
org.cumulus4j.keymanager.api.internal.local Internal (non-API) package containing implementation code specifically for a local KeyStore.
org.cumulus4j.keymanager.api.internal.remote Internal (non-API) package containing implementation code specifically for a remote key server.


org.cumulus4j.keymanager.cli Command line interface for the KeyStore.
org.cumulus4j.keymanager.cli.resource Resource files & helper classes for the KeyStore command line interface.


org.cumulus4j.keymanager.back.shared Shared classes to communicate between key-manager (either embedded in app-client or in key-server) and app-server.


org.cumulus4j.keymanager.front.shared Shared classes to communicate between app-client (KeyManagerAPI) and key-server.


org.cumulus4j.keymanager.front.webapp REST API for the communication between client and key-server.


org.cumulus4j.keystore Key store managing keys safely in the local file system.
org.cumulus4j.keystore.prop Property classes for the KeyStore's property management. Cumulus4j is a plug-in for DataNucleus providing encrypted data-storage. Handlers for use of the Cumulus4J annotations with DataNucleus. Crypto API for Cumulus4j (key management + en-/decryption). Package providing implementations of DatastoreVersionCommand. Package providing field managers for extracting information from the objects to be persisted so we can pass them on to the backend StoreManager(s), and for taking information from the backend and handing it back to the user by way of their own objects. Data model classes used to store data and meta-data in the backend. Query implementation for JDO and JPA. Evaluators actually doing the query work. Package providing handlers for various JDOQL/JPQL methods, utilising the index information and querying the backend datastore as necessary to access the DataEntry objects matching the particular method clause. Resources and related helper classes. Utility classes. Implementation of CryptoManager working with a key-manager as shown in Deployment scenarios. Broker transmitting messages between application-server and key-manager. In-memory-implementation of MessageBroker. PersistenceManagerFactory-backed implementation of MessageBroker. REST API for the communication between key-manager and application-server.


Cumulus4j API

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