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Persistence mapping

You define the persistence mapping for your model classes in the normal way for JDO/JPA, using annotations or XML. For details about this, please consult DataNucleus' documentation about JDO Mapping or JPA Mapping. All standard annotations/XML apply here, with no exceptions.

One difference between normal JDO/JPA persistence and Cumulus4j persistence is that if you want to query a field of one of your model classes in the datastore then it needs "indexing". This is not indexing in the relational database sense, but instead indexing of the encrypted field value so that it doesn't need loading into memory to determine if it passes a particular query constraint. By default all persistent fields are "indexed". Obviously this has an impact on performance, so you can specify particular fields to be not indexed. You do this as follows:

  1. JDO: Standard Annotations

    @Extension(vendorName="datanucleus", key="cumulus4j-queryable", value="false")

  2. JDO/JPA: Cumulus4j Annotations


  3. JPA: DataNucleus Annotations

    @Extension(key="cumulus4j-queryable", value="false")

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