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Deployment: Module-location-matrix

Cumulus4j consists of multiple modules which need to be deployed to different locations. Which location depends on your deployment scenario (transitive dependencies are not listed):

2-computer-scenario (without key-server)

Note: The Cumulus4j project does not yet provide JavaScript libraries for this deployment scenario. Hence, it is not yet supported for thin-clients (running in a browser).

Application server

Note: This is the same as in the 3-computer-scenario (see below).

3-computer-scenario (with key-server)

Application server

Note: This is the same as in the 2-computer-scenario (see above).


If your client is running in a browser (not as a Java applet, but as an ordinary web app), it will of course use JavaScript instead of the Java libraries listed below. But if the client is Java, the following modules will be required (JDO + C4J-annotations are required, if data model classes are used directly - if DTOs are used, these dependencies are unnecessary).

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