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Module org.cumulus4j.integrationtest.webapp

This is an integration test launching a Jetty servlet container with a dummy web app containing DataNucleus and Cumulus4j. It is used to test the cooperation of all parts in a complete simulation of app server (simulated by Jetty + dummy web app) and client (test classes in /src/test/java of this project).

You can start the jetty server of this project by the following command:

mvn jetty:run


This WAR also contains a little example Ajax client which you can try at: http://localhost:8585/org.cumulus4j.integrationtest.webapp/jquery-test.html

This URL will open a web page consisting only of two text boxes for user name and password respectively and a "Start Test"-link. By selecting this link, the test will be triggered. Log messages will be appended to the page explaining the current test phases and their results. In case of success, the message "All done successfully" will appear as final message on the screen after approximately 30 seconds.

Note, that this Ajax client only works, if both application server and key server are running, i.e. you have to additionally start org.cumulus4j.integrationtest.withkeyserver.

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